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Step Deck Trucking.

Step Deck Trucking

Whether you are an equipment manufacture (OEM) looking to ship heavy machinery cross country that is for sale, or a contractor that relies on Step Deck Trucking to ship equipment and materials that are vital to a healthy bottom line, we can help you make cost-effective logistical choices for the long haul.

From over-sized freight to heavy machinery, and crucial load support and safety of moving tall freight, O.T.R.A. Step Deck Trucking services and drop deck transport solutions are ideal for long haul shipping of specialized cargo across the nation securely.

Step deck (Drop Deck) freight transportation services and solutions are used to haul freight cargo that surpasses the height threshold of a standard flat-bed trailer. It is prefect for transport and hauling of tall machinery and equipment. We have access to open step deck (Drop Deck) trailers and curtain side trailers to accommodate any and all of your flatbed shipping transportation requirements.


Due to the ease of loading, adjusting and shifting cargo without the use of intermediary loading techniques, Step Deck Trucking helps ensure that your special cargo arrives at its final destination intact and on schedule.

We offer accurate shipping quotes based on season, region and total cargo weight to minimize total expenditure and the overall environmental impact.

Contact one of our expert logistics representatives today. We are very experienced with weight load and height requirements. We will provide you with a quote and evaluate which stepdeck transportation solution fits your hauling and transport needs at affordable rates.


Ideal for over-sized freight and heavy machinery. Step Deck Trucking is a cost-effective logistics option for long haul freight demands.

Step Deck Trucking is also frequently used for transporting:

  • Fabricated Steel Assemblies
  • Tubing and Pipe
  • Lumber and Metal
  • Scaffolding
  • Construction equipment and over-size machinery


O.T.R.A. Step Deck Trucking Capabilities

  • Trailers with padding, tarps, other equipment, and straps to safeguard the load.
  • Step decks, Low boys, Double drop, Drop decks – 48 ft. to 53 ft. trailers available.
  • Other types of Flatbed trailers, RGN, and other equipment available contingent on your load requirements.
  • Rates and Quotes – based on transport region, season, and cargo’s total weight to help improve fuel cost.
  • Container flips
  • Expedited transport service available


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