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Refrigerated Trucking.

Refrigerated Trucking

Our Refrigerated Trucking service provides frozen foods and climate controlled freight services throughout the USA. O.T.R.A. assists shippers with refrigeration transportation for short distance or long haul transport of goods. We arrange shipment of temperature sensitive products, materials, foodstuff, and other organic goods. Keeping the bottom line in mind, we get your delivery of goods to the destination on time at affordable rates.

We are committed to delivering your temp-controlled cargo using only best equipment available while providing the highest quality customer service. Whether your cargo shipment is frozen seafood, perishable produce, or cooking oils that need a set temperature, we take special note of your requirements and make sure all your needs are met.

Our network of refrigerated trucking companies helps maintain the integrity of all your sensitive freight. This eliminates enroute transfers. Using this direct approach avoids potential hazards due to unforeseen time delays or loading dock problems. It also guarantees that your freight will arrive safely without fluctuations in temperature.

The carrier selection process for our Refrigerated Transportation operatorsis rigid and we have very high standards. We hand-select only the finest quality carriers the trucking industry has to offer. Our goal is to ensure the integrity of your perishable cargo with on time delivery.


As part of our Refrigerated Trucking services, we handle all temperature related logistical challenges. We determine the shortest and safest route possible and maintain a dedicated network of quality carriers.

We offer a single point of contact person within our company for you to deal with on every job. Additionally, you are provided with 24/7 availability and a real person on the other end of the line to ensure your freight arrives on schedule with each shipment.

Contact one of our representatives today for all of your refrigeration transport needs. We are always available and happy to help. Our standard of service is honest, personal, and cost effective. We treat your shipment as if it is our own. Give us a try!


Refrigerated Trucking services are an ideal solution for any temperature-sensitive or perishable freight where delivery on a tight schedule is a must.

Refrigerated Trucks are commonly used for:

  • Frozen, prepared and packaged goods.
  • Personal care products.
  • Temperature-sensitive chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Cooking oils.
  • Floral.


O.T.R.A. Refrigerated Trucking

  • Freight is loaded onto a single vehicle at origin point and then unloaded at the destination to avoid temperature interruptions.
  • Long haul truckloads (FTL and LTL).
  • Expedited transportation for critical, time-sensitive freight.
  • HACCP compliance.


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