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Long Haul Trucking.

Long Haul Trucking

O.T.R.A. Long Haul Trucking service provides the required security, planning and execution needed for transporting goods over long distances. We carry all the necessary certification and licensing for cross-country shipping within the continental U.S and you can rest assured that your cargo is safe when we take the job.

We consider the nature of your transported goods, as well as total gross and dimensional weight in order to select the ideal container, vehicle and routes for efficient transport.

Transporting your freight from one end of the country to the other is within our realm of services. You will be pleased with our efficiency and attention to detail. The most experienced drivers take the long haul assignments normally. The cargo and the equipment they operate are very valuable and require the expertise of the best truck drivers. We have the ability and logistical knowledge to get your freight transported any distance within the US. Our network resources help optimize and save you money and time within the supply chain.


We are experienced in the kind of precise execution needed to maximize delivery time without compromising the integrity of your cargo. Our Long Haul Trucking network consists of contract carriers and owner operators that adhere to the highest safety and quality standards.

We are happy to provide shipping rate quotes. O.T.R.A. Long Haul Trucking services are designed to meet the requirements of a highly competitive freight budget.

Contact one of our representatives today for long haul trucking and transportation services.


Commonly defined in the logistics industry as any freight transport traveling further than a 600-mile radius, Long Haul Trucking transport is used for a wide range of cargo. We can arrange transport of any type of freight from heavy machinery on a Step Deck to pallets of goods delivered by Dry Van transportation services.

Freight may also be a single, on-demand delivery (usually an emergency) or a scheduled route based on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


O.T.R.A. Long Haul Trucking Capabilities

  • Uncompromised cargo and optimal delivery times.
  • Precise shipments based on nature of transported goods and total gross/dimensional weight.
  • Contract carriers/owner operators that meet highest safety and industry standards.
  • Expedited transport available.


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