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Heavy Haul Trucking.

Heavy Haul Trucking

O.T.R.A. Heavy Haul Trucking employs only the best and most professional, hand-selected trucking companies.  Our oversize load heavy hauler brokerage services span the continental U.S. & North America. Your cargo’s safety is our first priority.  Our customers receive the finest transport solutions available. We offer 24/7 emergency access.

In an industry often dominated by over-promising and under-delivering, our trucking solutions are more than just a bill of lading. They are always personal, honest and cost-effective for our customers.

We provide solutions that you can depend on every time.  And emphasize the development of close relationships with quality vendors and tight-knit communication with our customers.

Questions you Need to Ask about Heavy Haul Trucking Services

  1. Does your current ‘heavy haul or oversize load trucking‘ partner cross reference www.safersys.org to ensure the safety rating and compliance of the carrier assigned to your load?
  2. Do they understand the nuances and special requirements for your cargo?

Every state has different fees, permits and licenses required to complete the job. You can read more about Oversize – Overweight Load Permits here.

Our policy for heavy haul brokerage services maintains that we work with only the safest and top quality trucking companies. This helps ensure the integrity of your transport load and peace of mind.


Our Heavy Haul Trucking solutions take the burden out of transporting unusually large or weighty materials. Whether you need to have turbine engines, large transformers or over-sized pieces of machinery equipment delivered to a job site, O.T.R.A.’s trucking partners work with you. Our services allow you to rely on us to transport your goods in the safest and most efficient manner.

With access to a large network of the best trucking equipment on the road today, our trucking services are one of the most cost-effective freight transportation solutions available.


When the need arises, finding capacity for your unique over-size load can be difficult at times.  Utilizing O.T.R.A.’s Heavy Haul Trucking network will cut out unnecessary time spent searching for a ‘needle in the haystack’  when your current transport partner doesn’t have the availability to haul your load.

Contact one of our representatives today to get a quote on over-size load transportation. We are here to help and offer the best customer service.


Oversize Load Trucking Solutions

  • The special requirements attached to heavy haul trucking makes trust and experience essential components of every trucking brokerage arrangement.
  • Transport of over-size loads always mandates special attention to even the smallest details.
  • One of the main reasons we are good at what we do – It is in the details!
  • It is extremely important to engage a trucking brokerage service that is familiar with heavy haul and over-size load requirements.
  • Over-size loads need special attention to safety, the right equipment, and permits.
  • The hardest part of the job is securing the travel route, removing any obstacles and, if necessary, halting traffic. Therein lies the details again and we excel in securing the best trucking companies to get the job done right!
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