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Expedited Services.

Expedited Services

Our Expedited Services and commitment we offer to our customers is the ability to provide safe transport and secure shipping door to door of your freight goods. We try to meet the challenge every time when rapid, guaranteed delivery is the dividing line between profit and loss for your business. Once you get to know us you will find that our customers rely on our logistical knowledge and expertise in providing Expedited freight shipping. Delivering your high value or precious cargo to its final destination in exactly the same condition as when it left the factory floor or location is of utmost importance to us.

First Shipments – In order to uphold our high standards, we ask that all customers interested in our Expedited Services and transport solutions contact us at least 24 hours prior to scheduling their first shipment. We ask that you do this to ensure that we can provide the highest level of service.

We are committed and dedicated to providing excellent services from initial contact with you to the final destination at competitive and affordable prices. Contact us today for all your transportation needs, we are always available and happy to help.


We have worked hard to develop many industry connections and an extensive industry network of skilled, reliable and trustworthy shipping experts. Our commitment to finding the best helps us to be able to guarantee the shipment and delivery date for just about any item, whether it is a big 5,000-pound drill press, medical equipment, or temperature-controlled food products.

Whether your shipment of freight goods needs to be moved across the city in a small cargo truck or across the country in a dry van, on a flatbed, or refrigerated truck you can rely on O.T.R.A. for your ground shipping and expedited delivery needs.

The knowledge that the truck drivers are reliable experienced professionals provides our customers with the security that the job will be handled with care and done correctly.

Friendly and knowledgeable logistics experts are available to assist with your expedited services and transportation requirements.


Expedited Services are an ideal solution for time-sensitive shipments and high-value loads, especially where shippers require precise delivery windows.

Expedited Services are commonly used for:

  • Delivery of Emergency medical equipment.
  • Hazmat shipments.
  • Freight shipped to automotive plants where inventory requirements for multiple production parts have been eliminated.


O.T.R.A. Expedited Services Capabilities

  • Team drivers.
  • Rapid, guaranteed delivery.
  • Wide range of items that can be shipped – including emergency and last minute schedule shifts.
  • Multiple delivery options and dedicated monitoring to ensure shipment integrity.


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