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Dry Van.

Dry Van

O.T.R.A. Dry Van shipping services offer lightweight, durable, and maneuverable transportation services that are cost-effective. The most common type of semi-trailers on the road carries your dry freight goods nationwide safely and efficiently. The trailers also allow expedited loading and unloading in tight urban spaces.

These types of semi-trailers are suited for both the open road and city-to-city transport. We offer a full fleet of dry shipping vans that can be deployed immediately for smaller, rapid deliveries, as well as long haul on-time shipments across the continental U.S.

Whether you need Dry Van services to transport dry freight to retail locations, to a warehouse for future distribution or city-to-city for rapid unloading – O.T.R.A. transport services offer the flexibility and expert execution that you can depend on every time.


O.T.R.A.’s Dry Freight Van services can transport virtually anything from clothing and fabrics, office materials and supplies, bulk dry foods, sporting goods, to industrial goods and parts. Dry Van trailers are known for being the lightest equipment available, which allows shippers to increase freight loads and remain within legal weight restrictions.

With access to a large network of the best trucking equipment on the road today, our Dry Freight services are one of the most cost-effective freight transport solutions available. Our access to 48-foot to 53-foot dry freight van trailers helps ensure a lower operation cost. This is essentially passed on to you and a greater payload capacity helps benefit your bottom line cost.


Certain chemical agents and other special deliveries benefit from utilizing a Dry Freight Van trailer versus a Flatbed, not only in regards to pricing, but also in terms of delivery time.

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Dry Van services are also commonly used for:

  • Office supplies
  • Dry bulk food
  • Clothing
  • Industrial goods and materials


O.T.R.A. Dry Van Services

  • Full fleet of vans for smaller, rapid deliveries.
  • FTL and LTL service – 48’ – 53’ trucks available.
  • Competitive pricing and delivery times for city-to-city transport.
  • Expedited transport available.


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