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Container Drayage.

Container Drayage

When your container shipment does not have time to go by rail, O.T.R.A is your freight solution expert. We can arrange Container Drayage transport from shipping port to final docking point at affordable rates, on time delivery, and professional customer service.

Each of your containers are handled by experienced professionals who fully understand the requirements of Container Drayage and can supply some of the fastest loading and unloading times in the industry.


At O.T.R.A, we are experienced with the distinctions and differences involved in Container Drayage transport. We offer a list of services tailored to go beyond just pickup and delivery of the container. We strive to uphold its overall integrity and durability safely while en route to the final destination.

We coordinate with an extensive freight network to help save you time and money. This includes pickup and delivery, loading/unloading containers, return to port and more. O.T.R.A. also keeps a close watch on federal regulations and policies in order to provide the smoothest transportation experience for all of our Container Drayage customers.

What is Drayage?

The basic answer is – the act of pulling ocean containers into and out of the main harbor port and railroad terminals. The word drayage goes back more than 100 years and was adopted to explain the action of dray horses pulling wagons or carts.

The more specific answer in logistics and the shipping industry, drayage is the actual transportation of merchandise in a shipping container that sometimes requires a fairly short distance move. It is frequently a component to a longer over-all transfer and is generally carried out in just one work shift. However, it can be part of a longer distance move if needed. Best described as using a large truck to pickup from or deliver to an ocean or seaport, border point, intermodal terminal, or an inland port while the origin and destination are in the same metropolitan or urban area.

Contact O.T.R.A. Logistics customer service today for a quote on container drayage transportation services.  We are always happy to help fulfill your transport needs.


O.T.R.A. Container Drayage Capabilities

  • Full container load and partial container load shipments.
  • Arrange transport for a full container load from one shipping port to another.
  • Standard ocean freight containers, over-weight, and over-dimensional shipments.
  • Transport to and from container and rail yards.
  • Transloading and Cross Docking solutions.
  • Expedited container transport.
  • Multiple pick-up and delivery points available.


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