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Air Ride Equipped.

Air Ride Equipped Transportation & Freight Services

Offering the next level of protection for your high-value cargo.  O.T.R.A. Air Ride Equipped transportation service is ideal for even the most delicate and fragile goods.

What is an air ride equipped suspension system?

It might sound a bit complex but it is simply a better shock absorption system. Trucks and 18-wheelers are outfitted with air suspension systems to transport delicate goods and fragile equipment. This type of suspension system exchanges the customary steel leaf springs with a bag or bladder of compressed air to absorb road vibrations and bumps. The truck and the trailer’s cargo get less road vibration and a much smoother ride due to the significantly higher ratio of shock absorbency provided by an air ride suspension system. The trailer’s freight essentially glides on this cushion of air. The results practically eliminates both telescoping and compression damage you get with standard steel leaf springs. This is the best way to help ensure that your shipment of delicate goods is transported carefully and safely. The system helps minimize excessive impacts from bumps in the road and major shocks that could possibly cause damage to a fragile load. O.T.R.A. Air Ride Equipped transport professionals are experienced in managing the logistical challenges of fragile shipments. We depend on the industry standard and protective shipping techniques. Blocking and Bracing cargo to ensure that freight is properly loaded, locked into place and arrives at its destination without incident.


By utilizing trucking equipment that is fully equipped with an air ride suspension system, your sensitive freight can be transported safely across a wide variety of road surfaces without absorbing additional stress. Additionally, O.T.R.A’s Air Ride Equipped capabilities help prevent damage to cargo, damage to equipment and accidents that may cause injury to personnel.


This method is recommended for transporting delicate furniture, glass, ceramic goods, and other fragile materials that benefit from a stringent, stationary transport. Air Ride Equipped truck transport is also commonly used for

  • Expedited freight that must travel by ground.
  • Robotics
  • Medical equipment
  • High-tech instrumentation


O.T.R.A. Air Ride Equipped Capabilities

  • Affiliation with a large network of trucking companies.
  • Reliable transportation service to all 48 states, Canada & parts of Mexico.
  • Air ride suspension equipped vans and trucks, from 20’ to 53′
  • Tractors and trailers fully equipped with air suspension for better shock absorption.
  • Movement prevention (cables and straps) to lock freight in place.
  • Blocking and bracing techniques to prevent movement, cargo and equipment damage.
  • Expedited transport available.


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