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Truckload Freight Quotes.

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Truckload Freight Quotes

Truckload Freight Quotes Easily Accessible

Truckload Freight Quotes are made accessible via telephone or with the simple click of a button. O.T.R.A. account executives are available to provide you with quick and reliable truckload freight rates. Our customers receive competitive rates with fast turn around and 24/7 emergency access.

In an industry often dictated by companies that over promise and then under deliver we take our business and your business very seriously. We treat each job with care and provide “truckload freight rates” that are competitive and cost effective.

When you need truckload freight quotes for time sensitive shipments O.T.R.A. is the logistics partner to rely on. Whether your truckload freight rates are for heavy haul brokerage shipments or JIT/Expedited services, O.T.R.A. will transport your goods safely and on time.

Full Truckload Freight Quotes (FTL) Rates

Whether you have a partial or full truckload of cargo/freight, O.T.R.A. will provide the best services and competitive cost-effective quotes for any type of truck. Working with a network of companies and carriers we will provide quotes for flatbed shipping, dry van, and refrigerator loads for transport locally or across the continental U.S. Truckload Freight Quotes and rates are based on the volume of certified trucking carriers. We have a vast system and arrangements with local, national, and regional trucking companies.

How do you determine if you need a full truckload (FTL) quote or a less than a truckload (LTL) freight quote? If your shipment or freight is 10,000 pounds or more that usually fills an entire truck or container and that is when you need Full Truckload (FTL) rate quotes. Full Truckload (FTL) freight is used for larger shipments that fill a container or truck that transports the freight directly to the end destination. It is not moved or transferred from one vehicle or truck to another enroute. Think UPS packages travel from one UPS warehouse to another that is (LTL) transport vs. Walmart shipping an entire truckload of goods to a new store opening, which is (FTL) transport.

Benefits and Economical Features of Truckload Freight Rates

The main benefit of Truckload Freight rates comes with a larger shipment that fills an entire truck or container and is picked up from one origin and then travels to just one destination, shipping by FTL freight is usually less costly than shipping a LTL load.

Other significant benefits include:

  • Truckload freight quotes are usually based per mile rather than cost per pound, which is less expensive
  • Shipments tend to be faster when a hub transfer system is not used.
  • Using one pickup and one drop off destination, the freight is only handled once so less chance of damage.

Contact us for your accurate truckload freight quotes and quality freight service today.

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