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LTL Freight Quotes.

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LTL Freight Quote

LTL Freight Quote Made Easy

O.T.R.A. Logistics are experts at handling any size loads and especially astute when you need less than a truckload rates. Commonly called (LTL) we will provide a fast, economical LTL Freight quote. For shipments between 150 pounds up to larger pallets weighing up to 15,000 lbs. we can give you competitive rates by accessing our vast network of carriers.

The Less Than Truckload or LTL basically means that your shipment will not require the sole use of a semi-truck trailer of 48 feet to 53 feet. Within our network of carriers and operators we have access to ones that specialize and offer various types of equipment and service to fits your needs. As an example, when a residential pickup or delivery requires a lift gate, or guaranteed delivery time services and more. In the trucking industry there is a truck or service that fits most all needs including hitting the bottom line cost, protecting goods from a freeze, and time delivery guarantees.

LTL Freight Quotes and Rates – How it Works

We will provide cost effective shipping rates and a LTL Freight Quote quickly, all it takes is a simple phone call to our O.T.R.A. office. Because LTL Freight quotes are usually determined by the pickup and drop off destination postal or zip codes, the total weight, class of shipment. Any other additional services that you as a shipper or the end receiver of the freight shipment may require will be accommodated if possible.

Utilizing our access to a vast network of carriers we can usually accommodate service requests outside the normal dock pick up to dock drop off transport services. We can arrange for trucks with lift gates, heavier load LTL shipments, notifications, indoor pickups and deliveries. Whatever you need we will try to accommodate.

Expedited LTL Freight Quote

When you need less than a truckload shipped fast we can arrange for an expedited LTL freight shipment, which moves straight from the pickup point directly to the delivery destination by one dedicated vehicle. This type of expedited service depending on the destination involves one truck, dry van or even a large cargo van and if needed two truck drivers working as a team, may be engaged to reduce transport time if needed. The advantages of using this type of service are faster shipments, one dedicated vehicle to transport your freight, and less handling of the cargo. We can provide quotes for regular and expedited service, just ask when you call or fill in the form.

Just fill out the form above. Feel free to contact us today, one of our logistics specialists will be happy to help with all your transportation needs.

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