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Warehousing Services.

Warehousing Services that Meets your Needs

O.T.R.A. organizes Warehousing Services that follow the highest safety standards and adhere to the strictest quality procedures. For customers that require storage for a specific period or prolonged time we have the solution. Cost effective freight management is as much about the details as it is the logistical challenges of arranging routes and schedules.

Additionally, we can provide warehousing services consulting and guidance for Palletization and Shrink-Wrap solutions to further protect valuable freight during transport.


We ensure that any warehouse facility we utilize for Warehousing Services and client storage is carefully inspected and maintained to O.T.R.A.’s strict standards and guidelines, guaranteeing the safe storage of all cargo under our care.

We also offer guidance on building, arranging and sealing pallets that will survive transportation over both normal and challenging road conditions. In special cases where individual items require shipment without a palette, we can arrange shrink-wrapping prior to delivery to provide additional freight stability and integrity.  All of this is part of our warehousing services.


The secret to economical freight and cargo transportation lies as much in the details as it does in the larger logistical challenges of arranging schedules and plotting routes. Effective palletization is an art that frequently makes the difference between flawless transport and unfortunate experiences. We are happy to share our tips for building, arranging and sealing pallets. Tips that will help the pallets survive the journey and bring admiration from those that work with the cargo shipment.

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap adds additional stability and integrity to all types of cargo shipments by creating a structurally sound yet customized wall of wrapping. Experienced shrink wrap shipping professionals can quickly add this layer of protection to an existing pallet. In some cases, individual items need to be shipped without the benefit of a palette, and require several layers of shrink wrap to protect them during transport. Once we have been informed of the items being shipped, we can arrange to have these items shrink wrapped and delivered.


O.T.R.A. offers Warehousing Services and other forms of storage, depending on the specific items and the area or region of the country in which the items will need to be housed. We inspect all storage facilities. We also require all institutions to adhere to our stringent set of guidelines in order to guarantee the safety of each piece of cargo in our care. We prefer to make arrangements based on size and type of cargo. Those customers who are shipping by freight and require storage facilities will be pleased to know that we can accommodate virtually any request in any part of the country. Advance notice is recommended in order to provide the highest level of service. As part of our customer pledge, O.T.R.A. guarantees that any deliveries that are delayed due to weather or other unforeseeable circumstances will be housed in an appropriate facility until service can be resumed. The rates for storage are standardized, although incidental charges for unscheduled storage will be itemized and billed appropriately.

Contact one of our warehousing services experts today. We are always ready to help and offer excellent customer service.


O.T.R.A. Warehousing Services Capabilities:

  • Palletization – Constructing, arranging, and sealing pallets that are built to survive.
  • Protective Shrink Wrap for additional stability and integrity – existing pallets and individual items.
  • Arrange long and short term storage near heavily trafficked ports and shipping centers.
  • Deliveries delayed due to weather or other unforeseeable circumstances are housed in an appropriate facility until service can be resumed.
  • Standardized storage rates (incidental charges for unscheduled storage are itemized and billed appropriately).



Drop and Hook

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