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Drop and Hook.

Drop and Hook Services

For those customers who prefer to exchange a particular trailer bearing cargo for a different trailer or truck, O.T.R.A. is happy to provide drop and hook services. We can arrange for specific trailer models according to city, region, or state, depending on the nature of the cargo being transported, and choose the most qualified driver or company to provide the service.

Our Drop and Hook services allows for transport of a wide variety of cargo and freight from industrial materials to retail goods. The most common types of equipment used for this type of service are dry van trailers and flatbeds, however, refrigerated trailers are used by some companies.

We have access to a large network of carriers and operators that provide drop and hook transport services from one location to the next. Our rates are competitive and our customers are always offered the most cost efficient method of transport and delivery. One of our logistics experts will work with you to accommodate your shipping and transportation requirements.

The Benefits of Drop and Hook Services

The simple meaning of this term applies when a truck driver drops off his trailer at a mid-location or the final customer destination and then hooks up to another trailer and continues to the next stop. Most of the time this is a loaded trailer that is picked up from the (customer) shipper and then dropped at the customer’s (shipper) main yard, facility, or delivery destination. Then the driver hooks up to another trailer loaded or unloaded and takes it to the next destination.

The advantage for the truck driver is no sitting around waiting for a trailer to be loaded or unloaded and is more cost effective for everyone involved in the supply chain.

Flexibility with shipments for you and for the drivers

Some of the larger companies that do line hauls / short hauls have large fleets of trucks and trailers and their drop and hook services keep drivers very busy. There is also big freight transportation companies that even transfer their trailers between their terminals using drop and hook services. Some have transfer drivers that swap out trailers at truck stops for company terminals that are farther away. There are many uses for hook and drop services in the transportation industry.

Contact us today to speak to a logistics expert that will help you with your drop and hook service needs.

O.T.R.A. Drop and Hook Services Capabilities

  • Arrange for specific trailer models according to city, region, or state.
  • Choose the most qualified driver or company to provide the service.
  • Flexibility with shipments for you and for the drivers.


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