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Cross Docking.

What exactly is Cross Docking?

Cross docking is a common logistics approach utilized in the retail industry and transportation industries. It is used in order to combine cargo shipments quickly from different sources and attain economic gains in outward-bound transportation costs. The concept is to move new inbound shipments straight to outbound trailers without having to store merchandise for any length of time. Shipments generally set for less than twenty-four hours at a warehouse facility, and at times under a few hours.

Cross Docking Services

To meet our customers’ needs and improve delivery scheduling we utilize Cross Docking services. This helps ensure that products and freight loads are processed quickly.  Our main priority is to help move your freight goods on time. Delivery to the preassigned destinations while meeting your scheduled deadlines is key.  Numerous customers frequently ship a wide variety of products or freight goods using a single inbound container. We offer cross dock solutions to save you time and money.

Freight Management Expertise

We offer our clients top quality service and expertise in freight management. Our years of experience in the transportation industry means we are capable of handling multiple delivery destinations. We can handle a long list of logistic challenges with ease. Our goal is to help ensure we can pass on time and cost savings to you that affect your bottom line.

Cross Docking Benefits

Our years of experience offering Cross Docking services help you attain certain cost reductions such as:

  • Storage and inventory costs plus transportation and cargo weight can be reduced.
  • We have the ability to coordinate key logistical features and improve transit times.
  • You may gain potential savings on ocean freight costs and having damage inspections prior to delivery.

Contact your O.T.R.A. Logistics representative today for assistance with your shipping, delivery and transportation needs. We are here to help you.

O.T.R.A. Cross Docking Capabilities

  • Freight transfer from imported ocean containers to domestic trucks for over the road transport.
  • Freight transfer from domestic transport to ocean containers for export.
  • Established relationships with ocean freight and steamship lines, freight forwarding and trucking companies.
  • Transferred freight is transported with the highest safety and quality standards.


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