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Freight Management.

We are O.T.R.A. Logistics and we are here to provide you with
Freight Management Solutions that Work.

We are dedicated to benefiting your bottom line by providing quality service
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Freight Management

To deliver on our commitment to keeping our customers’ overhead low and profits high, we employ several freight management solutions to take full advantage of how shipments are packed, handled and ultimately transported – including cross docking services, drop and hook, and warehousing services.

If you’re searching for the right freight management solutions partner, one who can help you minimize your logistics expenditure while maximizing the quality of your shipping experience – you’ve come to the right place.

O.T.R.A. Freight Management Services and Features

We focus on developing long-term relationships with our valued clients and transportation providers. The key being able to work together for the joint benefit of each party involved.

We provide warehousing solutions and cross docking services for our clients. These services are managed by professionals. It takes experience, skill, and knowledge to understand and handle the requirements of container transportation.

We have the expertise in logistics to organize your transloading and provide cross docking transport services that are cost effective.

We look at the important logistic details and then coordinate with everyone to guarantee the best economical method of cargo and freight transportation for our clients. Our services include Palletization, Shrink Wrap, and Storage.

Freight optimization is the one of the most important processes in managing freight. This process only happens when logistics are employed to cost effectively improve the entire shipping process in all manners. To explain how it works– freight optimization normally happens in a sequence of four phases. First, is the development and selection of the shipping channel. Second, is the selection of the carrier. Third, is the design of the transport route. Fourth, is the management and route execution. For the untrained or inexperienced business owner or shipper it is a lot to take on and that is where O.T.R.A. expertly does the job. We are highly skilled in logistics and at providing freight optimization services for our clients.

Our dedication to service goes above and beyond transportation, resulting in expert freight management solutions that benefit your bottom line.  Contact one of our freight managers today for quotes. We are always here to help.

The key freight management benefits we offer our customers:

  • Specialize in creating long-term partnerships between customers and trucking companies that work to the mutual benefit of both parties.
  • Cross docking services handled by experienced professionals who fully understand the requirements of container transport.
  • Cost-effective logistical expertise necessary to coordinate transloading and cross docking services.
  • Coordinate key logistical details to ensure economical freight and cargo transportation, including Palletization, Storage and more.
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Cross Docking Services

To meet our customers’ needs and improve delivery scheduling we utilize Cross Docking services. This helps ensure that products and freight loads are processed quickly.
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Drop and Hook

For those customers who prefer to exchange a particular trailer bearing cargo for a different trailer or truck, O.T.R.A. is happy to provide drop and hook services.
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Warehousing Services

O.T.R.A. organizes Warehousing Services that follow the highest safety standards and adhere to the strictest quality procedures for customers that require prolonged storage.
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