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Freight Carriers.

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Our Freight Carriers are paid what they are worth & paid quickly!

We welcome you to review the Contract Freight Carriers and Owner Operator Truck Driver Job Opportunities at O.T.R.A. Logistics. Qualified freight carriers who have already passed the necessary tests in their state and possess a legal truck driver license are invited to fill out an application.

Freight Carriers | Owner Operator Truck Driver Jobs

Truck driver owner-operators and Contract Freight Carriers who possess vehicles or fleets of vehicles that are registered with the official regulatory bodies are also invited to submit applications for potential contract work to ship by freight. O.T.R.A. has some of the most rigorous standards in the industry. We are especially interested in professional freight carriers who actively practice sustainable methodologies that help benefit the environment.

Our expertise is logistics. We understand the transportation industry and the concerns of Freight Carriers. We want to and are able to support your needs. We place a high value on our contract freight carriers relationships and our goal is to work towards mutual respect to deliver success for all. The type of services we offer our clients include air ride equipped transport, Container Drayage, Dry Vans, Expedited Services, Flatbeds, Heavy Haul, Long Haul, Refrigerated Trucking, and Step Deck truck/trailer transport services. We offer loads for all of these equipment types.

As an owner operator in the trucking industry, we understand the value you place on being a business owner and independent contractor. You like the freedom of travel and deciding what you want to haul, when and where. Furthermore, we understand the financial commitment you made by purchasing your truck and maintaining it so you can stay in business. We respect that.

Some of the reasons why you might consider hauling for us.

Why haul for us? Drivers are paid fast within 21 days of invoice. We offer direct deposits. We have an excellent credit rating and provide a variety of payment options. You are paid what you are worth and we always aspire to offer correct and timely payments. Our freight agents are professionals and very knowledgeable. We offer loads for all equipment types. We reimburse accessorial charges upon receipt. We are licensed and a fully bonded logistics company with an excellent reputation in the trucking industry. We offer 24 hour a day, 365 days a year carrier assistance and are always available by phone. We are certified NASTC Best Broker, members of TIA and BBB. What more could you ask for in a company? Besides, where do I sign on?

If you are a contract freight carrier or a professional owner operator, independent contractor that is responsible with an outstanding driving record, we want to talk to you. Please review the qualifications and apply by clicking on the ‘Apply Online Here’ button below.
  • Must have an active (MC#) Federal or (ICC#) State operating authority
  • Proof of current insurance coverage: 1,000,000 Auto Liability & 100,000 Cargo
  • A satisfactory safety rating from the USDOT/FMCSA
  • A completed & signed Broker/Carrier Agreement
  • A completed & signed Form W-9
  • For Border Crossing Carriers: A copy of your C-TPAT Certification & SVI number

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Why Freight Carriers should haul for us?

  • You are Paid Fast – 21 NET
  • You are paid what you are worth
  • Loads available for all Equipment Types
  • Variety of Payment Options – Direct Deposits
  • Quick Pay – ranges from 1-3%
  • Timely and Correct Payments
  • Accessorial Charges Reimbursed with Receipt
  • Knowledgeable Freight Agents
  • 24/7, 365 days – Carrier Assistance
  • Fully Licensed and Bonded Company
  • O.T.R.A. – Excellent Credit Rating
  • NASTC Best Broker Certified
  • Members in Good Standing – BBB & TIA

Other Skills?

We are always looking for professional, talented and passionate people.

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