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Whether you’re a shipper needing questions answered about our freight services, a contract freight carrier with questions regarding becoming an approved freight partner, or a freight agent looking for a new place to call home, you’ve landed on the right page.  Please find the category you feel best addresses your question & make your selection below.  If your question wasn’t satifactorly answered here, please feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

We provide a wide arrangement of professional freight services.  Whether you need an air ride equipped van for fragile goods, a refrigerated unit for temperature controlled foodstuff, container drayage, expedited services, or over dimensional accommodations – we offer flexible freight services to fit your specific operational demands and financial needs.  Our premium freight services will give you added value for your transportation dollars.
We offer professional Over-the-Road freight services throughout most of North America.  Coverage includes the continental U.S., Canada & certain parts of Mexico.
You can either call us toll-free at 1-800-938-6872 or locally at 704-817-4407 to speak with one of our freight agents.  Another option is to click here: otralogistics.com/freight-quotes and fill out the quote form with your request.  Either way, it’s free & as easy as 1,2,3!
The time it takes to receive your ‘freight quotes’ can vary depending upon the scope of your project and how you request them.  If your request is simple enough, instant quotes can be obtained via telephone.  Otherwise, your request will be emailed to our rate department and a qualified freight agent will reach out to assist you – usually within 24 hours and as early as 15 mins  .
Freight Quotes that are planned in advance are valid for 7 days – unless the shipping criteria changes or was incorrect upon receipt.  For last minute moves, freight quotes can vary daily based upon truck capacity/availability.
Yes.  One of our strong suits is OTR full truckload services.
Unless the freight is prepaid, we require 24-hour advanced notice.  If you are a new customer requesting a first-time shipment, it will vary depending on how quickly your request/paperwork is received & processed.  We prefer 48 hours for new customers, but exceptions can be made under the right circumstances.
No.  There is no minimum commitment or contract to sign.  We do have a broker/shipper agreement written by the TIA, which is for the protection of both parties involved.
Yes.  We are both fully licensed & bonded as a freight brokerage by the FMCSA & the TIA.
Our TMS ties directly into the FMCSA online portal, giving us the most relevant and up to date information regarding our carriers’ authority & safety ratings.
No.  We do not ever double-broker our customers’ freight.
Co-brokering is where two freight brokers enter into an agreement that mutually benefits one another and the customer.  With ‘co-brokering’, both parties have knowledge of each other’s functions & roles throughout the transportation process.  Whereas, ‘double-brokering’ involves deceit and trickery.  An example of double-brokering might look like a freight broker acting like a trucking company, booking a load, then passing it along to someone else (who in return could pass it along again).  Not only is this not smart, but it is very dangerous, as well.  In this scenario, no one actually knows who has the customer’s freight & leaves the window open for massive litigation.  Rest assured that no double-brokering occurs here, and if co-brokering is an option, all parties are aware and agreements are in place to protect all parties involved.  We will not enter into a co-broker agreement with just anyone.  We only consider partnering with reputable companies based upon confidence & trust.
Yes.  Your freight is not only covered by the trucking company that we hand-select for your load, it is covered by our own ‘stand alone’ contingent cargo policy, underwritten by Hanover (one of the best and most trusted names in the transportation industry).  All of our carriers are required to have an up-to-date insurance policy. 1,000,000 Auto-liability and 100,000 Cargo.
Simply stated, a contingent cargo policy is additional insurance policy on top of what a carrier provides.
O.T.R.A.’s contingent cargo policy is definitely ‘Stand Alone’.
There is a BIG difference between a ‘Stand Alone’ vs. a ‘Follow Form’ policy.  Not all insurance policies are equal.  Some have much broader coverage than others.  A customer should want to know how their cargo is protected.  Even though every carrier is required to carry motor & cargo insurance, not all claims are covered.  Much like medical insurance, claims get denied.  If a freight broker has a ‘Follow Form’ contingent cargo policy, it does just what it sounds like… it mirrors the carriers insurance.  So, if the carriers insurance policy denied the claim, the brokers insurance will deny it, as well.  Hence, the importance for a customer to work with a freight broker who has a contingent cargo policy that ‘stands alone’ from the carriers.  Therefore, should damage or theft claim ever occur and the carriers insurance company denies the claim, our ‘Stand Alone’ policy will give our customers added value and peace of mind in regards to the safety of their goods.
Yes.  We offer multiple options to our contract carriers for ‘Quick Pay’.  Please visit otralogistics.com/freight-carriers to find out more about our ‘Quick Pay’ options.
We require a signed ‘Rate Confirmation’, Original POD/BOL’s (unless you have been notified by the agent that copies are acceptable), & the ‘Carriers Invoice’
If Original POD/BOL’s are required, please remit all paperwork to 212 S. White Street, Fort Mill, SC 29715.  Otherwise, you can email all of the above to the agent that assigned you the load.

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Still have a question for us?  Our customers always come first, so don’t be shy!  Please feel free to reach out with you question and we’ll do our best to answer it.  We don’t claim to have all the answers, but rest assured that we wont quit until we find the answer for you.

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