What is Expedited Shipping?

What is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping is used by various companies and businesses daily. You may be thinking UPS or USPS, but it is much more than small package delivery service. It is a unique niche within the trucking and transportation industry that use a variety of equipment to deliver goods that are needed immediately. It generally identifies a time-crucial product or shipment of equipment, goods, or parts that need to be delivered fast. This can involve door-to-door, port to door, or container port-to-port shipping. It often involves freight shipments or a manufacturer’s products that one of their customers’ needs urgently. An urgent instance might be from a manufacturer whose production line is about to run out of product or parts that are critical to preventing a production line shutdown. Another example where it is used frequently would be the transport of perishable or high value goods. The type of shipment that is vital they reach the customer marketplace or retail chain locations quickly.

Type of Equipment used for Expedited Shipping and Time-Critical Shipments

It may involve just one item that you need moved within the city by semi, smaller cargo van, or truck. It can also involve a move cross-country that requires a flatbed, dry van, or refrigerated truck/trailer. Cross-country long haul expedited transport almost always requires a team of two drivers that drive in shifts, round the clock in order to meet delivery deadlines.

  • O.T.R.A. can offer customers any type of vehicle to get the job done. By working hard in the transport industry to develop the right connections and use an extended network of trustworthy and reliable drivers and expert transport shippers.
  • It is important that you work with an expedited services company you can rely on. One that provides customers expedited shipping expertise and logistical skills such as O.T.R.A. Logistics.
  • Top quality services and experience are essential in order to provide secure and safe transport of your product or cargo delivered on time.
  • The truck drivers and operators we use are professionals, experienced and dependable. They provide us and our customers with security. Freight will be safe and secure during transport, handled with the utmost care, and delivered on or ahead of schedule.

Expedited Shipping Helps Companies Stay Ahead or Compete in the Marketplace

One of the questions you can ask yourself. How much of a difference would it make to our bottom line profits if we offered expedited shipping of our goods and products to satisfy our customers’ needs?

Large and small companies must function efficiently to satisfy customers and clients’ expectations. As well as remain competitive in a fast moving marketplace. Shipping is just one of the crucial elements of a competitive business concept. If your company is unable to get your products to a destination one time, it will be much harder to compete and become successful.

Expedited shipping and fast delivery is just one of several choices available to a business. Goods that require one-day, same day or 24 hour overnight shipping and delivery are best managed through a good expedited shipping service. Without the critical transportation shipping service, emergency and urgent situation transport wouldn’t be achievable. Typical shipping and delivery companies may take days or even weeks to deliver.

O.T.R.A. Expedited Shipping Service includes the option of a driving team (team of two drivers) for long hauls. We provide guaranteed on time, rapid deliveries. An option of a varied range of products, items, or equipment that can be shipped. This includes any last minute shifts to schedule and emergency shipments.

We take pride in being able to offer a multitude of delivery services and options. We monitor the entire time to help ensure the integrity of your freight shipment.

Expedited Shipping Solves Urgent or Crisis Situations

Crisis situations require swift action. We can be there to help with your transport needs. An urgent scenario might involve an item that must be changed out promptly as a result of business’s current product simply being destroyed or damaged. It might additionally pertain to medical, hospital equipment, as well as supplies urgently needed in crisis situations. Time is crucial and loss of life or production due to damaged equipment, parts, needed supplies, or products can cost everyone dearly.

No matter what you need shipped– within the city, across the country, from the East Coast to the West Coast, or up and down the Eastern seaboard– you can count on O.T.R.A. for your expedited ground shipping and delivery needs.

Hopefully we were able to answer your “What is Expedited Shipping” question.

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Written by John Craig

John Craig

John Jackson Craig is the owner of OTRA (Over The Road Accelerated) Logistics. He and his wife Alexandra operate their business together while raising their two year old son & enjoying life in the Carolinas. John founded OTRA as an alternative to impersonal freight services. On the contrary, John & his team offer red-carpet service & keen attention to detail for all of their customers.